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5 Reasons to Buy Your Wedding Dress Online

A wedding outfit is possibly the most special one of all! Often times it is also the most expensive. Some say they would not risk buying online, however, we think it’s modern, elegant, daring  and confident. Here are some reasons we believe online shopping has more benefits than disadvantages.

1. Easy to access

Shopping does not depend on a geography anymore. You can be anywhere without needing to travel to the certain city/store/boutique etc. Store hours do not set your agenda, but you choose when and how you want to shop. You can be in front of your computer or with your phone in the middle of night and still shop in your hometown, or elsewhere around the world. For example, let’s say you live in the area that does not have a bridal store. And even if there is one – are you able to find the dress you desire? If you are, that is amazing! However if the choice is small, there is a risk your friend wore the similar kind of dress few weeks ago when getting married. If you strive to be unique and options are limited, break down the walls of your mind and check online. You will be given a spectrum of choices that are not limited to local and physical stores.

2. Wider selection

Since shelf space is not an issue online, there are products, sizes and colors to choose from that cannot always be  in a physical store. Often retailers choose only a few pieces from each brand to place in their store. Ot the other hand, the brand itself has it all, so you get more choices! The online route usually opens the door to endless original possibilities. Some would point out that a customer is not able to check the quality of the product before it arrives (SADONI sends out samples of fabric if desired). That is why we would recommend you to buy from brands you trust. Take time and check out the previous customers experiences and also the brand values. Do they fit yours, how long is the brand in the market, what is it known for? It won’t take you long to find out and see if it is a good match.

3. Direct communication

Have a specific question? Like the wedding outfit, but you have a non-typical body shape? Have a suggestion for the designers? Contact them! Direct communication with the brand will eliminate chances of miscommunication and get you to the most direct customer support! Think about it – the brand is specialized in what they do and can give you the full information, as they know every single detail! We at SADONI value each customer personally and offer individual approach with innovative options, such as live chat and free video consultation to have a better impression about the outfit and get answers to any specific questions you might have.

4. Saves the most precious resource – time

We all know shopping require a lot of time and we value it so much, right? Shopping online saves you time and effort from having to drive or even fly to a certain store and then to another one, if needed. Buy online! It has no limits when it comes to different countries; there are also no stressful queues and full privacy provided, because anything you purchase will be delivered to you.

5. Helps you to stay true

We encourage you to stay true to your style, values and personality. If you like the dress you have found online and you cannot get it out of your head – do not hesitate and buy it. These days shopping has no limits! At SADONI we do ship it for free throughout Norway and Europe. Even if you go to the physical store and try out dress of your dreams, some alterations most likely will be needed as most of us are not “standard” size people.  Same with online – follow the size chart, pick the size matching your measurements following our guide and order the dress. Yes, most likely small alteration will need to be done by a professional, but this is completely normal.