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6 Tips for Curvy Brides

“Do not change to fit in fashion. Make the fashion change for you,” something to think about as we dive in the topic of curvy brides. These beautiful women are most likely  the majority of all bride population. We, designers, make dresses for real women of every shape and color. Whatever the size may be – standard, curvy or plus, a bride should go for a wedding dress that emphasizes her beauty. All women desire to look and feel wonderful on their wedding day. It is all about proportions, balance of silhouette and the right accessories to make your wedding dress fit and flatter you.

1) Know your body shape, use what you have got.

2) Use accessories wisely

Most likely you know yourself more than anyone in this world. As a bride, make sure you know whether you have square, pear, apple, or hourglass figure. Instead of focusing on what you would rather hide, think about what features you want to highlight. If you need help, ask your future partner 😉 Either you have fabulous bust, small waist line  or outstanding bottom, choose a fit and flare silhouette, which perfectly embraces that part of area. Bigger is not always better, a slim shape will work for curvy brides too. Think comfortable when you choose your dress. Dresses made of silk are a good option as it’s a natural fiber that feels light.

If you wish to look elegant, try not to over-decorate. If your dress is enhancing simplicity and minimalism, accessories will be a good fit and emphasize the beauty of you and your dress. On the other hand – if you choose a richly decorated dress, we suggest you avoid extra accessories, as there is a risk to drown into a pom-pom style of a bride. Remember – LESS IS MORE.

3) Do NOT hide the waistline

Many brides think that if they are curvy, it is a good idea to hide the waistline with a high waistline dress. Believe us – it is is not always the case, as that style may add to the waistline instead of pulling it in. We suggest not to hide your waistline, but rather emphasize it. A belt is a great option to consider! A satin or crystal belt helps to create a balanced silhouette and makes you look taller and slimmer. It is an accessory that can transform your outfit making you  feel more confident.

What are few of our SADONI highlights for curvy brides? A slim A-line skirt effectively slims the hips and thighs without adding extra volume. Most of our skirts and tops from separate selection will make you feel elegant. For example, dresses CASTEL and CASEY + one of our many lace tops combined with a crystal belt or dress SARDINIA in draped silk tulle will make you feel and look like a goddess. There are many combinations that would look amazing on a curvy bride.

4) Underwear can do magic

Even if you are really into a dress that smoothes out your body, remember underwear can do a magic and we suggest wear a good fitting bra when shopping for your gown. Be sure to get measured by an expert before buying your wedding underwear. You need to make sure you are wearing the right bra. Soft wireless bras may be more comfortable, but if you want to create curves without cinching your waist, we suggest you to wear a bra that enhances and shapes your chest as well as supporting it. To help the dress sit right it may also help to  wear shaping underwear that smoothes your curves gently. Overall, to be confident about your body is essential and remember your future husband loves you just the way you are.

5) Think about the posture

For women with larger bust, it tends to affect the  posture. They may make you lean forward or you do it instinctively. A pair of shoes with high heels (3-4 cm) or wearing plus size posture bra will remind to keep your posture in the right place. We suggest you practice wearing your wedding shoes or your bra in everyday basics, so you get more comfortable and at the same time practice on your posture. Without putting too much pressure on yourself, try to look closely at how you walk, sit, stand. Have someone take pictures of you walking. Then do it again with your shoulders back. With a bit of practice, good posture may become your second nature and be one step to helping you stand straight in the long term.

6) Do not set limits! Alterations can do miracles!

Let’s say you like a sleeveless style, but none of the dresses at the bridal store fit you  and you are looking specifically for something a bit more modest. If you feel the need to cover up, do not, for example, choose long sleeves right away. Instead, consider covering up only shoulders or part of your arms wearing a lace top to get a lighter look.

Keep an open mind and do not hesitate to ask the stylist for your options. Our bodies are different and designers and stylists know it. If you like the dress, you can even contact the brand directly about the options. Even if the desired dress does not initially “fit like a glove”, it will thanks to alteration options. You will be surprised how many options there are!

And remember beauty is about being comfortable in your own skin so be free, confident keep on shining!

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