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7 Designer Tips to Prepare for the Wedding Dress Fitting

Bride during the wedding dress fitting trying to choose the one.
New bride trying on the potential dream wedding dress

Your dress fitting is one of the most special moments of planning your wedding. Brides choose wedding dresses differently these days and there are several options to explore. If you are buying the dress in a bridal store or aboard, we suggest you to consider few things before you make an appointment. The SADONI team wishes you a pleasant wedding dress fitting. Our designers prepared 7 inside tips to keep in mind before going to find your dream dress.

1. Do the Homework

It is very understandable you may feel confused or unsure where to start. By doing just a bit of a homework, you will easily see what brands and dresses are available, and define what style and quality you are looking for, considering your body shape and taste in fashion.

Few preparations before the fitting will also save you time when the stylist/store employee may ask you questions like: “What shape or neckline dress do you like? Do you like lace or sparkles? How about accessories, like trains or veils? And what about the approximate budget? You do not need all the answers, but these are questions you might ask yourself to prepare.

Take time to research, so that once you are in the store, you avoid getting confused by other’s opinions or all the options available. ALWAYS FOLLOW YOUR GUT FEELING, NOT OTHERS EXPECTATIONS. Keep in mind the venue as it can also influence the style of the dress you are choosing.

2. Nude Underwear When Fitting

The lingerie you wear has an important role when trying the wedding gown. There is a huge variation of dresses, and so many fancy and smart underwear options. We suggest you to wear a nude undergarments alternatively white, as it is a neutral choice for the first fitting. We know it’s a detail, but seeing the black straps can ruin the impression of the  dresses you like. You will learn more about what type of underwear to use for the chosen dress. The important thing to remember is – do not let the thought of underwear limit your options! There is a bra solution for any backless or even a partially transparent dress! You might not even need a bra..

3. Do Not Buy Shoes Yet

Shoes can be a fun way to express your personality and add a little color or edge to your look. As mentioned before, we live in a modern world, so you might consider buying evening shoes in bright colors or neutral ones, like nude, glittery silver, gold or pastel colors. We highly recommend to buy a trendy pair of quality shoes other than the the traditional white bridal shoes.

The main rule is – you should buy your shoes after choosing your wedding dress, and not other way around. If you have a couple of shoes already, take them with you. But we usually recommend not to wear shoes, as the fitting might be a long day. Choosing your shoes is depending on your dress and the venue. Wear flat heels or wedge heels if you are getting married outdoors with grass and stones everywhere. Also if you cannot walk in high heels, do not force yourself.. You want to enjoy every second of your wedding day, so make sure you have great memories that are not involving any pain 🙂

4. Do Not Hesitate to Ask

If you are not satisfied with what you find at the store you are visiting, ask questions. Who knows – maybe a new collection will arrive soon, or they have other options to offer,  or they can even recommend another store or brands to explore.. If you like the dress you are trying on or the quality of it, ask what it is made off, where it is produced, what brand it is etc. By being curious, the journey will give you more value and information to make your choices.  

One question to hold off asking right away is about prices. Yes, you need to consider the budget, but, do not draw strict limits and allow yourself to see different options. When it comes to finding your dream dress it can make a big difference if you are a bit more flexible with the budget. If you are planning to shop online, use the option to  live chat, call, or send an email with your questions. There can never be too many and getting your answers will make your decision more clear! Dealing directly with the supplier can be reassuring, as you talk to them without any link in between.

5. Choose You Support Team Wisely

Sometimes the people closest to us are more concerned with making us feel good than telling the truth, or they tend to share too much opinion without even asking. Do not forget that we all have different taste and people around you may translate you differently. We suggest that for the first fitting you make an appointment only for YOURSELF. You will get all the help you need  from the store stylist and can express your wishes without any distractions from others. For the second fitting, consider bringing one of your bridesmaids or a family member that can help lift you up, while keeping it real.

6. Be Honest to Yourself and Others

The most important thing during the fitting is to be honest and share your thoughts openly. That is the best way you can get helpful assistance. Also ask the stylist to be direct. We doubt you are interested to hear “you look so beautiful” after every dress you try on. Yes, many dresses might look beautiful, but it doesn’t mean they relate to your needs or emotions.

We believe if there are more than three things you want to change on the dress you are trying on, it means this dress is not for you. Do not waste your time to discuss what you don’t like about the dress you have on; it it is simply not your dress. Avoid trying on the same style dress in a different  version. If you, for example, try on a V neckline dress and it does not fit you well, you should change direction to strapless or something totally different.

7. Be Open Minded

It might be that something that looks good from your research on the photo, does not quite fit you. Allow yourself to be open for suggestions. You may be surprised how stunning other dress styles may look on you that you did not consider in the first place!

Even we recommend to do the research, it does not mean you cannot change your opinion along the way. As you get to know yourself along the journey (and the research was done mainly to guide your direction), do not to limit your options! Dare to be YOU, express your personality and your lifestyle the way you like it! This is your day and looking back you will value the fact you recognized your own identity. Finding your dress is not only about choosing  a beautiful dress, but about showing WHO YOU ARE.