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SADONI Bride of September 2018

I would say our wedding was “Hippy Chic”. It was exactly what we wanted – a garden party where everybody feels free to move and enjoy. We did not really have a “timetable”. Our inspiration was, that we really knew what we wanted, or even more important – what we did not want. We were lucky that the weather was wonderful, so we really got what we wished for.

Same with the dress, as I knew exactly what I wished to have, but, to be honest, I did not think that I would find it in Salzburg. I planned to visit bridal stores in Linz (Northern Austria). My maid of honor was pregnant at that time and she was afraid she couldn’t make it to Linz to come along with me. So I asked her to make an appointment in a bridal store in Salzburg. We went there together, because it was important she is with me when I try on dresses. We visited bridal room –  Brautzimmer and “TADAAAAA!!!” it had exactly what I was wishing for – not a full dress, but a skirt and a top!

To be honest, I had never heard of SADONI before. I was never a girl who was dreaming about a big wedding that would look at many pictures of wedding dresses. However, when I found the SADONI outfit, I felt absolutely perfect! It fitted like my second skin – so light and, the most important for me – I could move without the limitation! I felt like I was in a fairy tale!

I think future brides should not overthink about the dress. I suggest to listen to yourself and allow to feel how you really wish to look like and, of course, feel like.

I highly recommend SADONI, as the dress has such a good quality! I danced all night and there is nothing broken or ruined. I never had the feeling I could lose parts of the dress or to be extremely careful. I could be myself! The outfit was flawless and I wish I could wear it more often. I felt amazingly beautiful!

Photographer company: WE ARE THE CLICK ( insta: @wearetheclick )