SADONI Bride of June 2019

I am a big fan of the TV show where girls pick their wedding dresses, so I watched it daily all year since my husband Ben proposed to me. Finding my wedding dress was one of the main topics for me and the most exciting preparation task for the big day.

I was so happy to officially be allowed to go with my girl friends and try white expensive dresses for my own wedding. I tried on all of dresses I had dreamt about, and it felt like a fairy tail. It was just as much fun as I imagined and I liked a lot of them, but I felt a bit like a doll dressing up and not like myself. I couldn’t imagine wearing any of those big fluffy dresses at my own wedding after all, – even that was my desire from all the shows I had watched. I guess I discovered who I am in a way on my dress journey and wanted to show more of my own identity and to feel more effortless and elegant.

Then I asked my mother to join me, because I thought she would always be honest, and I trust and appreciate her advice. We tried many nice dresses at the bridal store Brautmode Svetlana, in München, but again without success. Then, once we already wanted to leave the shop, my mom pulled this last one dress that was totally different from the others, and asked – this dress would be totally your style, right ?

As I tried it on I knew immediately that this is my dress. The others suddenly felt too synthetic and plastic and like such doll dresses, – and this one was real. My dress had so much personality, despite the fact that it was very pure and timeless. The fabric was natural, light, silky. It was everything I never knew I wanted. I could move easily, and it did not only look beautiful, it felt gentle – like a second skin.

So this is how I found my dress..
I hope you find yours!

Photo by Gina Gorny @moremagentaplease