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Zsófia’s STORY

SADONI Bride of April 2019

Well, I was actually only searching for a second dress for the evening, as I had my dress already for the wedding when I found my SADONI outfit. Big mistake, because as soon as I spotted this beautiful, breathtaking combination of skirt and top dress, – I was just completely in love. I ordered the lace top, and wanted to wear it with some white trousers as my second outfit. But I was very soon quite unhappy with my other dress all together. So I decided to follow my heart and call Sevim from Brautzimmer in Salzburg, to order the skirt as well to get the complete look. It fitted me wonderfully!

I am a Yoga teacher, and felt completely like myself, like this happy boho fairy that I am! My friends were all loving the dress, and they said it’s so much like me. That’s what is unique about SADONI; the elegant, pure style enhanced and complemented who I am entirely.  It was such a good decision that kept on surprising and rewarding me, giving me the best wedding day. It was so easy to walk and dance in it, like a dream! The skirt in shimmering, light silk satin was insanely beautiful, and our photographers also loved it. When my soon to be husband saw me at the altar, and the tears in his eyes said it all.

I am so happy I found my dream dress, the lace top was extremely beautiful, and such a great quality. Everybody was telling me long sleeved wedding dresses are risky as they can tear, but in this one, I could jump, dance and party without a thought about it! It wasn’t too hot, I wasn’t cold, – it was just perfect.  Thank you so much for creating my dream dress, I loved to wear it. Not even a second I thought about selling it afterwards, it’s one of the most beautiful memories I have from our wedding day!

Photo by @2lenses