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The story of SADONI has a lot of heart and a lot of wilderness to it, so the name for this collection and photo shoot felt very fitting. Being a Norwegian bridal brand, founded with a desire to influence the bridal world with our sense of Nordic style and elegance – it makes us one-of-a-kind and as authentic and persistent as they come. l feel this shoot was as we are – real, pure, romantic, adventurous, wild and brave.This is a story of a day where we made magic happen! I am Trude SADONI, these are my dresses and this is how this shoot came to life.


We had planned a late summer photo shoot. The forecast said sunshine and plus 20 degrees. I am happy now that it wasn’t so on that particular day, and even we got pouring rain and the weather was cold and challenging, it became something truly special. It made us rise up to the occasion and shine! It added a certain mood to the shoot with more shades, clouds and an unexpected train adventure. A shiny cloud-free day would have been just like any other shoot and I wouldn’t have this story to tell.

After all in real weddings and marriages especially, there are also rainy days and unexpected things that occur. But we have the power to transform those moments into something magical and fun with the right attitude. It is what makes the story ours, and adds personality and creativity to our journey! If you remember falling in love, those accidental or unique bits and pieces that seems out of place, is what made you two happen in the first place. And often those are the moments we cherish the most. 

The rain seemed to never end, and we were forced to wait. But how could we wait? I never could. I was made to make things happen! Having the most beautiful dresses, gorgeous hair and makeup all ready to go, I strongly believed we could push thru to have an outdoors shoot like we had planned. It is all about attitude! We were all twisting our minds trying to make this happen. A few of us dreaming about jumping on a plane to Spain wishing for better conditions. But we are Nordic, we are wild at heart and true to our identity, – I wanted the pine trees, the sea and the natural touch more than anything. 


In reality we had our eyes on the sunset, and even we by some kind of miracle got a part of it towards the end. We got an extraordinary and unexpected train ride in addition! Brainstorming for a place we could be outside, but sheltered from the rain. This was IT and felt perfect! And I will always think that this was how it was destined to be. Some of the old trains are beautiful in a rough way and on the move we would easily get the lively and playful shots I wanted. It gave a bit of a runaway bride feel to it. It felt urban, trendy and inspiring – just like SADONI. 

The dresses look smashing in the nontraditional setting. And the surroundings suited our identity and how we think about brides in a contemporary way perfectly. The platform was urban and the black arches gave a powerful contrast. The mood was anticipating, like waiting for your love to arrive. The train ride gave an exciting and playful feeling of being on your way. To where you are supposed to be. The close window shots gave a longing feeling of dreaming of your future to come. The rustic platform atmosphere gave a bit of a powerful attitude like here I am. You’re lucky if you catch me!


After the ride ended, the clouds cleared up and we headed towards the beach through the pine tree forest. It was breathtakingly beautiful! Our model, Liene looked like a mystical forest goddess when the sun rays caught her face. We even tried the famous smoke bombs and I wish we had more. Trust me – they are super cool and fun! Running on the beach added a lively playfulness. Towards the end the cold got the best of us, but the glittering sunset warmed our hearts. It was strong and divine in every way!

I hope the images and our video shows a bit of the magic of behind the scenes of the shoot! I can tell you this; after the dresses had been thru a train, in a forest and on the beach. I am confident they can endure any wedding day no matter the conditions. Despite the rough day, the dresses are still stunning and in the best shape. Silk is truly one of the strongest, most beautifully flowing materials there is, – strong, enduring and high quality! 


As a designer I am driven to inspire brides across the world with our Nordic simplicity, natural silk fabrics, refined quality and creative design. In many ways, SADONI is a diamond in the rough. Strong, luxurious, pure and elegant, yet down to earth and natural, shining from within. 

Our dresses are created to make a difference! We have a purpose to give you European quality with Nordic values that we will not disregard, it is who we are to the core. Reaching to give and re-define bridal, to create dresses for the lifestyles and personalities of the trendy brides of today that are elegant, effortless and unique. 

Wishing to inspire beyond the ordinary, we work hard to give you a product with values that also tells a story. We design for you, to let you express your own personality and identity through simplicity and quality. Our dresses are made for you to not only look amazing, but feel light and comfortable to enjoy the day free, vibrant and at ease.

Is it you that has a WILD HEART?

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Photo – Jurģis Rikveilis
Modell – Liene Braunberga
Hair & Makeup – Linda Liepiņa
Designer – Trude Sadoni