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Our enchanted CITY & SUNSET photoshoot

CROSSING oceans – SADONI Bridal 2021

This photo shoot started with a desire to do a sunset city shoot, originally I wanted a rooftop with a drone filming from above and I promise that is coming! But as we also wanted to capture the urban street life, – we went with the river and bridges that I also adore in the sunset. The reflection of water is unmatched when it comes to a sun dropping on the horizon creating the most beautiful colors and mood.. We were rushing to make it as we had several locations so we managed only a few shots there, – but we did get it!! 


Shooting the city life I wanted girls crossing the street and at one moment the photographer was laying on the street in the middle of an intersection, while I was rushing backwards towards the traffic to make the silk skirts flow with nothing on my mind except success of creating a good shot. It was a rush with beeping cars and it was impossible to know if it was from delight or frustration, or both! 


We were also determined to have a Vespa scooter at the scene to create the city vibe we wanted with the portraying of the independent, strong and cool bride of today! To get it there I was willing to drive it myself even though the only memory I have of driving a scooter was sitting on the back when I was 16. Luckily they smoothly delivered a beautiful, white Vespa for us to create a modern & cool look with a romantic retro touch that is just irresistable. I think these pictures are my favorite, it is hard to choose! Follow us on Instagram and Pinterest to see them when published and get news about what goes on behind the scenes of SADONI.

We are delighted by the trendy, flowing and inspiring look, and we hope you like it too?? The new SADONI collection – “Crossing OCEANS” is now live ONLINE to view & shop until you drop!

With lots of heart, – your designer Trude SADONI