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How to choose a bridal brand?

PHOTO credit : @storiesbyjosan, @renskezwaan_photography & @colettevanaggelenphotography

There are so many new exciting designer brands out there and also so many commercial brands or manufacturers that combine design with good value. So how to choose? Is it purely about the design or price, – or does the quality & story behind the product matter? 

Personally, I would encourage you to be unique, colorful, and to put value into your choices that reflect who you are. Be creative & brave about how you create your style & wedding day, be yourself  in everything you do. It is not a key to success alone, but surely it can’t hurt to be outstanding and authentic!

I dare to say that the story of a brand matter. Sometimes there are designers or founders people with a vision and purpose behind the brand. In other cases, it is commercial cooperation. Who made your dress and where it came from matters in terms of ethical & local value. The fabrics, the quality & the comfort of a dress will determine how you will feel during the day. Surely, the style is key, but in an ocean of so many brands to limit the selection is a good thing to guide you in the right direction!

It also matters how reliable, flexible, and personal the brand is in terms of customer service. Are they able to deliver the promised style and quality within the timeframe you desire? Will they go above and beyond to make you happy? Check the recommendations and the brand profile. In the end, choose the ones who speak to your heart! 

YOUR story & happiness matters to us!

We bring you Norwegian design of European sustainable quality..

Your designer – Trude SADONI 

Photography team: @storiesbyjosan @renskezwaan_photography & @colettevanaggelenphotography
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