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Why does brand authenticity matter?

You’ve probably heard companies & brands described as “AUTHENTIC.” – But what exactly does this term mean and why does it matter? To me, it matters not only because we offer a handmade refined quality, but it helps to distinguish us as a design brand from other more commercial brands out there. Brand authenticity allows us to display more than just our product, but more about our values, our story, and who we are behind the product.

People are tired of feeling disconnected from large, faceless corporations. In a recent survey, over 90 percent of consumers around the world ranked; “communicating honestly” as the top influence on whether or not they do business with a company. By purchasing from an authentic brand, consumers feel they are expressing their values about what’s important in life. They feel connected, understood, appreciated by the people they buy from, and that makes them feel safe and like they make a difference because they do!

However you define authenticity, consumers are going crazy for it. When you look closer at brand authenticity, it comes down to 7 core characteristics:

  • Originality – bringing something different to the market
  • Personal Utility – deliver what customers feel they can’t be without
  • Declared Beliefs – stand for more than just making money 
  • Sincerity – brands that don’t let people down
  • Familiarity – to the extent you are local or known 
  • Momentum – has an aura of becoming more popular
  • Heritage – a relevant & engaging story 

It all starts with a story… Let us be a part of yours!