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Being an entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs like myself are self-made, – I wasn’t handed a ready business or a fund of resources; I took my idea and the talent and passion that I had – and decided to build something with my bare hands. It takes a divergent mix of confidence, risk, tolerance, self-discipline, determination, and competitiveness to start a business and see it through to success.

There are only three things you need to start a business, a small amount of capital, a strong work ethic, and persistence. Even if it does cost money, the most valuable ingredient you need is a serious dose of self-confidence and a brave, never-say-die attitude. 

People say when you don’t come from money and don’t have a fallback plan, the risk, work ethos, and single-mindedness needed to be a successful entrepreneur, create a business-builder without equal. I like to think they are right, even if it all feels a bit over the top… 

To be self-made means to rise from the ground floor. Every successful entrepreneur who ever lived started with nothing more than an idea, and motivation to explore new ways of doing things, forge new partnerships, or do something that feels crazy. Self-made entrepreneurs are built to tolerate and withstand great risk for their vision of the future. Success lies in handling the feelings of fear and anxiety that come along with the challenges because things will go wrong, but your ability to be flexible, attentive, and raise again is what determines your future. Believing failure only exists when you stop trying will pull you through. This challenging year with covid hitting businesses hard, – has proven this and taken all the strength and the lessons we ever learned to the test. 

As an entrepreneur, being a master-of-all-trades is in the first line of the job description. Even when working as part of a team, you’ll need to rely on yourself for 80-100 percent of the work and selling will always be your main priority. While you’ll be the one burning as the core of your business most days of the week and weekend. Yet, – the satisfaction you will feel after finding success will be without equal and is the entire reason we do what we do! There is not settling for less, only fighting to do better and I will always be wanting more.  It is a lifestyle and a mindset, – I am living my dream! 

To all the entrepreneurs out there, – we got this shit! We’re raising again, stronger than ever…

– Your designer Trude SADONI