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Are you a unique bride?

Are you getting married, but don’t feel quite comfortable in a wedding dress or can’t find the ONE that speaks to you? I know finding your wedding dress can feel daunting, believe me! I have been there. Not reconciling with a traditional wedding style is a big part of why I am a bridal designer today!

The first time I put on a wedding dress I started to cry. But it was not happy tears, despite everyone assuring me that I looked beautiful… – It was tears of despair because the experience made me feel powerless, drowned, and misunderstood. The dress I put on took away everything that I am and it made me sad that I felt so unrecognizable in a dress that everyone seems to love…

I didn’t try on more dresses cause I knew I would feel the same and never went back to any wedding shop again, – I made my own dress. Well, to be honest, I made 5 different ones, before I was happy and felt like THIS is me. I ended up with a short dress in beaded golden lace from the exclusive French lace brand Solstiss. Paired with tall sparkling ballerina shoes with a big bow around my ankles, – I felt like a superstar and I still love it today! The hairstylist did mess up my hair tho again not getting my wibe, but that is a different story..

If you feel similar, I want you to know – you are not alone. There are different styles and many designers out there that understand and feel the same. I am hoping you can find yourself in one of them!

At SADONI we design modern, free, light dresses with character for the elegant, modern, and alternative bride. Dresses that tell a story with heart and values. 🖤 I want my designs to be more than wedding dresses, – I want them to reflect the women of today! I want them to be beautiful, free, modern, effortless, and pure to let your personality shine through.

I want you to find yourself in my designs,- that is why YOU are my biggest inspiration and why our collections are diverse!

– Your designer Trude SADONI