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Celebrating 18 years of Norwegian bridal design

Entering 2021 I’ve been a designer for SADONI for more than 18 years! I decided it is a good time to celebrate and write a few words, while we still are in lockdown in need of some bright moments!! ✨ I am incredibly grateful to love what I do, and do what I love even that is quite a cliche! Considering what a challenging year it has been it is such a gift to feel growth and values flowing through my designs, – adding more stores to the SADONI family as we speak. We are determined to take on 2021 with passion and personality!

SADONI started with a dream living at Montmartre in Paris looking for a way I could use my talent & interest to create beauty and value. I remember thinking I could not think of anything more giving, beautiful, and luxurious than designing wedding dresses. Unique dresses that ooze personality, pureness, and handmade quality.

Refined quality has always been an uncompromising feature of our brand, – that is why we reach to use silk fabrics and founded our own atelier in Northern Europe making our dresses ethically and locally by loving hands. We reach to give our brides more than just a dress, we wish to give them a story, sustainable values, and our bride’s confidence to be creative, free and express their own personality. 

Being a self-made entrepreneur has been a challenging, fun, wild storm full of sacrifices that I would do again without hesitating for a second! 👊 After all, SADONI is truly one of a kind, a diamond in the rough!

Cheers to all of our brides and all of our partners in crime for all of our strength & loyalty! Without you, we would not be where we are today, – there is no limit to what we would do stand by your side. Together, we will shine and create many more stories! 

Lots of love and light,
– Your designer Trude SADONI