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How to ensure your wedding planning puts a smile on your face!

You’re engaged! It’s the most amazing feeling in the world and the start of visualizing what kind of wedding you want to include important parts of who both of you are can be blissful and fun! But what if you’re bumping up against the fact that you’re not excited about the actual practical wedding planning process, or even hate it?  Please know, that you’re not alone! It’s totally understandable that engaged couples often feel anxious about all the details that must fall into place for a variety of reasons.

Here are some tips to help you through these emotions and put a smile on your face:  

Bohemian lace dress BOUNTY

1 Express yourself

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Celebrating 18 years of Norwegian bridal design

Entering 2021 I’ve been a designer for SADONI for more than 18 years! I decided it is a good time to celebrate and write a few words, while we still are in lockdown in need of some bright moments!! ✨ I am incredibly grateful to love what I do, and do what I love even that is quite a cliche! Considering what a challenging year it has been it is such a gift to feel growth and values flowing through my designs, – adding more stores to the SADONI family as we speak. We are determined to take on 2021 with passion and personality!

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Are you a unique bride?

Are you getting married, but don’t feel quite comfortable in a wedding dress or can’t find the ONE that speaks to you? I know finding your wedding dress can feel daunting, believe me! I have been there. Not reconciling with a traditional wedding style is a big part of why I am a bridal designer today!

The first time I put on a wedding dress I started to cry. But it was not happy tears, despite everyone assuring me that I looked beautiful… – It was tears of despair because the experience made me feel powerless, drowned, and misunderstood. The dress I put on took away everything that I am and it made me sad that I felt so unrecognizable in a dress that everyone seems to love…

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Being an entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs like myself are self-made, – I wasn’t handed a ready business or a fund of resources; I took my idea and the talent and passion that I had – and decided to build something with my bare hands. It takes a divergent mix of confidence, risk, tolerance, self-discipline, determination, and competitiveness to start a business and see it through to success.

There are only three things you need to start a business, a small amount of capital, a strong work ethic, and persistence. Even if it does cost money, the most valuable ingredient you need is a serious dose of self-confidence and a brave, never-say-die attitude. 

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Why does brand authenticity matter?

You’ve probably heard companies & brands described as “AUTHENTIC.” – But what exactly does this term mean and why does it matter? To me, it matters not only because we offer a handmade refined quality, but it helps to distinguish us as a design brand from other more commercial brands out there. Brand authenticity allows us to display more than just our product, but more about our values, our story, and who we are behind the product.

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What is a sustainable bridal brand?

Sustainability in bridal fashion is a pretty complicated and fascinating subject! There are lots of factors to consider, including what the garment is made of, its carbon footprint, how much the garment factory worker was paid to produce it, and where it’s going to end up after you’ve finished wearing it! 

The good news is that wedding dresses pose a unique opportunity to make sustainable, eco-friendly, and ethical choices, and look fabulous while doing it! It’s safe to say that sustainability is about limiting the social and environmental impact of your clothing. This means that many, many kinds of wedding dresses can be described as sustainable wedding dresses. Here are a few examples;

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How to choose a bridal brand?

PHOTO credit : @storiesbyjosan, @renskezwaan_photography & @colettevanaggelenphotography

There are so many new exciting designer brands out there and also so many commercial brands or manufacturers that combine design with good value. So how to choose? Is it purely about the design or price, – or does the quality & story behind the product matter? 

Personally, I would encourage you to be unique, colorful, and to put value into your choices that reflect who you are. Be creative & brave about how you create your style & wedding day, be yourself  in everything you do. It is not a key to success alone, but surely it can’t hurt to be outstanding and authentic!

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The magical OSLO fjord photoshoot!

That this fairytale of a photoshoot happened is a miracle after all the obstacles put in our way, – but we kept believing and pushing despite rainy, cold days and in return we got a day full of the most magical sunshine. It really turned out to be WHAT every bride could only dream of, – and what creating wedding dresses is all about – to see them shine in the setting they are designed for!! Well we were missing the groom, but that’s a minor detail.. 

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Our enchanted CITY & SUNSET photoshoot

CROSSING oceans – SADONI Bridal 2021

This photo shoot started with a desire to do a sunset city shoot, originally I wanted a rooftop with a drone filming from above and I promise that is coming! But as we also wanted to capture the urban street life, – we went with the river and bridges that I also adore in the sunset. The reflection of water is unmatched when it comes to a sun dropping on the horizon creating the most beautiful colors and mood.. We were rushing to make it as we had several locations so we managed only a few shots there, – but we did get it!! 

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