SADONI Bride of June 2019

I am a big fan of the TV show where girls pick their wedding dresses, so I watched it daily all year since my husband Ben proposed to me. Finding my wedding dress was one of the main topics for me and the most exciting preparation task for the big day.

I was so happy to officially be allowed to go with my girl friends and try white expensive dresses for my own wedding. I tried on all of dresses I had dreamt about, and it felt like a fairy tail. It was just as much fun as I imagined and I liked a lot of them, but I felt a bit like a doll dressing up and not like myself. I couldn’t imagine wearing any of those big fluffy dresses at my own wedding after all, – even that was my desire from all the shows I had watched. I guess I discovered who I am in a way on my dress journey and wanted to show more of my own identity and to feel more effortless and elegant.

Then I asked my mother to join me, because I thought she would always be honest, and I trust and appreciate her advice. We tried many nice dresses at the bridal store Brautmode Svetlana, in München, but again without success. Then, once we already wanted to leave the shop, my mom pulled this last one dress that was totally different from the others, and asked – this dress would be totally your style, right ?

As I tried it on I knew immediately that this is my dress. The others suddenly felt too synthetic and plastic and like such doll dresses, – and this one was real. My dress had so much personality, despite the fact that it was very pure and timeless. The fabric was natural, light, silky. It was everything I never knew I wanted. I could move easily, and it did not only look beautiful, it felt gentle – like a second skin.

So this is how I found my dress..
I hope you find yours!

Photo by Gina Gorny @moremagentaplease

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SADONI Bride of September 2017

Finding SADONI dress was such a big coincidence – or maybe destiny!? My appointment at bridal boutique Brautzimmer in Salzburg was almost finished and I got changed in the fitting room. My maid of honor suddenly said from the outside: “Julia, there are some dresses coming in…”! It turned out that Sevim’s, Brautzimmer’s owner, next appointment wasn’t a future bride, but SADONI designer Hamid Sadoni and his Italian partner Luigi who had arrived to present the wedding dress collection 2018.

They immediately offered me to try everything I wanted and although I was already quite “exhausted” from the fitting, I could not resist since the dresses seemed so beautiful to me!

When I put MY dress on, the elegant lace, light and soft tulle and outstanding colors immediately made me feel certain that THIS was the dress I was searching for. I experienced the special moment I never thought I would have when trying on a dress and instantly knew that it was MY dress! After hearing Hamid’s story, I was even more convinced that this is the right brand for me. SADONI’s story is actually very intercultural and in my daily work I deal with people from different cultures; also my husband comes from another county. I could identify myself with the story “behind” the dress and the brand. Apart from that, I have to emphasize the excellent quality and the fact that the dress is 100 % a European product, designed in Oslo and fabricated in Latvia, which I appreciate very much. SADONI offers such perfect combination of simplicity, elegance, lightness and originality.

How was I feeling on the wedding day? Beautiful and just like ME (instead of wearing a princess disguise). Moreover, very special since most certainly I was one of the first brides wearing this SADONI dress of the collection 2018 in September 2017!

A tip to the future bride is – you really feel it when you put on YOUR dress! Until that moment – enjoy trying on many different gowns – you do it (hopefully) just once in a lifetime!

For us the wedding mood we agreed on was perfect, since it was very uncomplicated, easygoing, a little bit unconventional and without – in our view – old fashioned traditions, which just would not have fitted us.We decided on having a civil ceremony in Marble Hall of Salzburg’s (my hometown and where we live) Mirabell Palace, which is considered one of the most beautiful wedding halls in the world. Our closest relatives and friends were present, apart from that we installed a livestream for my husband’s relatives and friends in Spain (he is Spanish) and friends of mine who weren’t able to come. A guitar player brought a little bit of Spanish spirit to our wedding. Afterwards we had lunch in a modern restaurant with a gorgeous view to the Castle of Leopoldskron which is famous for the movie “Sound of Music”. In the evening we met with some more of our loved ones and friends in a wine and cocktail bar in the city centre which also serves delicious tartes flambées and other delicacies – it was an informal setting without seating plan, speeches and long tables.

Photographer: “Eva trifft. Fotografie” ( insta: evatrifft_fotografie )

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SADONI Bride of September 2018

I would say our wedding was “Hippy Chic”. It was exactly what we wanted – a garden party where everybody feels free to move and enjoy. We did not really have a “timetable”. Our inspiration was, that we really knew what we wanted, or even more important – what we did not want. We were lucky that the weather was wonderful, so we really got what we wished for.

Same with the dress, as I knew exactly what I wished to have, but, to be honest, I did not think that I would find it in Salzburg. I planned to visit bridal stores in Linz (Northern Austria). My maid of honor was pregnant at that time and she was afraid she couldn’t make it to Linz to come along with me. So I asked her to make an appointment in a bridal store in Salzburg. We went there together, because it was important she is with me when I try on dresses. We visited bridal room –  Brautzimmer and “TADAAAAA!!!” it had exactly what I was wishing for – not a full dress, but a skirt and a top!

To be honest, I had never heard of SADONI before. I was never a girl who was dreaming about a big wedding that would look at many pictures of wedding dresses. However, when I found the SADONI outfit, I felt absolutely perfect! It fitted like my second skin – so light and, the most important for me – I could move without the limitation! I felt like I was in a fairy tale!

I think future brides should not overthink about the dress. I suggest to listen to yourself and allow to feel how you really wish to look like and, of course, feel like.

I highly recommend SADONI, as the dress has such a good quality! I danced all night and there is nothing broken or ruined. I never had the feeling I could lose parts of the dress or to be extremely careful. I could be myself! The outfit was flawless and I wish I could wear it more often. I felt amazingly beautiful!

Photographer company: WE ARE THE CLICK ( insta: @wearetheclick )