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SADONI Bride of September 2017

Finding SADONI dress was such a big coincidence – or maybe destiny!? My appointment at bridal boutique Brautzimmer in Salzburg was almost finished and I got changed in the fitting room. My maid of honor suddenly said from the outside: “Julia, there are some dresses coming in…”! It turned out that Sevim’s, Brautzimmer’s owner, next appointment wasn’t a future bride, but SADONI designer Hamid Sadoni and his Italian partner Luigi who had arrived to present the wedding dress collection 2018.

They immediately offered me to try everything I wanted and although I was already quite “exhausted” from the fitting, I could not resist since the dresses seemed so beautiful to me!

When I put MY dress on, the elegant lace, light and soft tulle and outstanding colors immediately made me feel certain that THIS was the dress I was searching for. I experienced the special moment I never thought I would have when trying on a dress and instantly knew that it was MY dress! After hearing Hamid’s story, I was even more convinced that this is the right brand for me. SADONI’s story is actually very intercultural and in my daily work I deal with people from different cultures; also my husband comes from another county. I could identify myself with the story “behind” the dress and the brand. Apart from that, I have to emphasize the excellent quality and the fact that the dress is 100 % a European product, designed in Oslo and fabricated in Latvia, which I appreciate very much. SADONI offers such perfect combination of simplicity, elegance, lightness and originality.

How was I feeling on the wedding day? Beautiful and just like ME (instead of wearing a princess disguise). Moreover, very special since most certainly I was one of the first brides wearing this SADONI dress of the collection 2018 in September 2017!

A tip to the future bride is – you really feel it when you put on YOUR dress! Until that moment – enjoy trying on many different gowns – you do it (hopefully) just once in a lifetime!

For us the wedding mood we agreed on was perfect, since it was very uncomplicated, easygoing, a little bit unconventional and without – in our view – old fashioned traditions, which just would not have fitted us.We decided on having a civil ceremony in Marble Hall of Salzburg’s (my hometown and where we live) Mirabell Palace, which is considered one of the most beautiful wedding halls in the world. Our closest relatives and friends were present, apart from that we installed a livestream for my husband’s relatives and friends in Spain (he is Spanish) and friends of mine who weren’t able to come. A guitar player brought a little bit of Spanish spirit to our wedding. Afterwards we had lunch in a modern restaurant with a gorgeous view to the Castle of Leopoldskron which is famous for the movie “Sound of Music”. In the evening we met with some more of our loved ones and friends in a wine and cocktail bar in the city centre which also serves delicious tartes flambées and other delicacies – it was an informal setting without seating plan, speeches and long tables.

Photographer: “Eva trifft. Fotografie” ( insta: evatrifft_fotografie )

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SADONI Bride of September 2018

I would say our wedding was “Hippy Chic”. It was exactly what we wanted – a garden party where everybody feels free to move and enjoy. We did not really have a “timetable”. Our inspiration was, that we really knew what we wanted, or even more important – what we did not want. We were lucky that the weather was wonderful, so we really got what we wished for.

Same with the dress, as I knew exactly what I wished to have, but, to be honest, I did not think that I would find it in Salzburg. I planned to visit bridal stores in Linz (Northern Austria). My maid of honor was pregnant at that time and she was afraid she couldn’t make it to Linz to come along with me. So I asked her to make an appointment in a bridal store in Salzburg. We went there together, because it was important she is with me when I try on dresses. We visited bridal room –  Brautzimmer and “TADAAAAA!!!” it had exactly what I was wishing for – not a full dress, but a skirt and a top!

To be honest, I had never heard of SADONI before. I was never a girl who was dreaming about a big wedding that would look at many pictures of wedding dresses. However, when I found the SADONI outfit, I felt absolutely perfect! It fitted like my second skin – so light and, the most important for me – I could move without the limitation! I felt like I was in a fairy tale!

I think future brides should not overthink about the dress. I suggest to listen to yourself and allow to feel how you really wish to look like and, of course, feel like.

I highly recommend SADONI, as the dress has such a good quality! I danced all night and there is nothing broken or ruined. I never had the feeling I could lose parts of the dress or to be extremely careful. I could be myself! The outfit was flawless and I wish I could wear it more often. I felt amazingly beautiful!

Photographer company: WE ARE THE CLICK ( insta: @wearetheclick )

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SADONI Bride of October 2018

I saw a SADONI dress in Qui Chéri shop in Treviso, Italy. I knew the moment that I tried it on – it was THE dress. Dress MARTHA was unlike anything available in Canada (my home country) at the time. The beautiful French lace bodice was so stunning! And the two pieces were so luxurious and fit perfectly together. At first I did not want to get my hopes up too high because I had only 3 weeks to order it! Thanks to SADONI team it was possible!

What was different about SADONI? The quality, first! And also the style was unique! It had a bit of a boho/princess vibe. It was a perfect fairytale wedding that would not have been complete without my stunning dress!

My dress is usually the first thing people would comment about from my wedding. They cannot believe how unique and stunning it was! I am so happy to share a designer brand with them that most people here in Canada haven’t had the opportunity to see. Given the chance I would definitely buy a dress from SADONI again, I certainly suggest it for bridesmaids and evening gowns too.

To conclude my story, I would just say to all brides to be that – when you put on the right dress, you know. And be sure to try different styles, even if it is not something you originally pictured!

Photographer: Rosapaola Lucibelli.

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Inside SADONI Atelier

You have been counting days till the wedding dress that you have ordered will arrive. Finally, it’s here! You take a moment to enjoy. Notice how soft it feels on your skin? How it fits your body and how incredible you look! Have you ever thought what it takes to create your wedding dress? We wish to share our values and work with you! Join us on a tour in SADONI atelier and meet our staff sharing how they prepare dresses. It is not just a phrase that love and laughter are sewn into them – it, indeed, is our passion here in SADONI.  

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Jannike – SADONI Bride of August 2018

I used to live close by SADONI boutique in Oslo and had walked by many times. It seemed like the SADONI dresses would fit my type of figure and they had that simple, elegant look I wanted. I found the handwriting of a brand was close to my personality.

When the time came to look for a wedding dress, I visited few different stores just to compare. Many had lovely dresses, but I didn’t quite feel like myself in them. When I got to the SADONI store, the CAYENNE dress was the first one that had my attention, so I tried it on. It was so beautiful and perfect for me! Simple, elegant and classy – the style I was looking for and I bought it!

I appreciated relaxed atmosphere at the store as well; dresses are made out of such light and delicate fabrics! Very comfortable to wear.

On the wedding day I felt so beautiful and truly like myself, if you understand what I mean. We had a church ceremony, the reception dinner and party in a huge tent in the garden in Bergen. To me CAYENNE dress was perfect, and it was extremely comfortable to wear. It was easy to move around and dance. It felt amazing the entire night!I love the fact that SADONI is a local brand and offers high quality dresses and exceptional customer service. If I could give a tip for the future bride, I would say – take your time and find the dress that is true to your style and personality.

Photographer: Ole Kristian Olsen

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7 Designer Tips to Prepare for the Wedding Dress Fitting

Bride during the wedding dress fitting trying to choose the one.
New bride trying on the potential dream wedding dress

Your dress fitting is one of the most special moments of planning your wedding. Brides choose wedding dresses differently these days and there are several options to explore. If you are buying the dress in a bridal store or aboard, we suggest you to consider few things before you make an appointment. The SADONI team wishes you a pleasant wedding dress fitting. Our designers prepared 7 inside tips to keep in mind before going to find your dream dress.

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6 Tips for Curvy Brides

“Do not change to fit in fashion. Make the fashion change for you,” something to think about as we dive in the topic of curvy brides. These beautiful women are most likely  the majority of all bride population. We, designers, make dresses for real women of every shape and color. Whatever the size may be – standard, curvy or plus, a bride should go for a wedding dress that emphasizes her beauty. All women desire to look and feel wonderful on their wedding day. It is all about proportions, balance of silhouette and the right accessories to make your wedding dress fit and flatter you.

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5 Ways to Use Your Dress After the Wedding

It might be a week after your wedding, or a year. Maybe even few years have passed and you start to wonder – what should I do with my wedding dress? It has served its main role and given you the most wonderful memories of the wedding day, so it is hard to let it go.. The easiest solution would be to find a place for it in the deep corner of the closet or in a nice box and to not think about it. However, there may be more special and inspiring roles for your dress as time passes! SADONI designers are offering ideas you might find useful.

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Why to choose high quality vs low quality cheap mass product?

It is an example of self-care and love

Buying high quality items for yourself is an act of self-love. You are worth spending a little extra on yourself and you deserve to have valuable things. Believe me – yourself confidence grows as you wear something precious, instead of a cheap mass product. Whether we like it or not, clothing is also a part of our identity. Your clothes can emphasize social status, as well as a certain level of your personality and style. Some people may think spending money on high quality clothes is frivolous, but I believe it’s an investment in yourself and well-being.

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