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20 Years of Love & Passion | A Journey into My Universe

It has been an extraordinary two decades on a path fueled by creativity, love, and an unwavering dedication to the realm of bridal fashion. As I reflect on the journey from 2003 to 2023, – I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the experiences and growth that have shaped both my craft and my soul. 💖

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Launching a NEW store location!

The cat is finally out of the bag, – SADONI is growing & we have expanded to a new, larger brand store just around the corner from the old one! Here, we are creating a new universe to that includes lots of space to welcome more customers & an even wider selection of wedding dresses & accessories. After 20 years on the same premises, we are overjoyed to be able to spread our wings and fly high!

This is my designer dream 2.0 coming true! The story is identical to when I discovered my first store, – this time I randomly brushed by in the car instead of the bicycle, and came to an impulsive stop discovering the vacant empty windows. What if this little gem could be what I am looking for, I wondered? Impulsively went into the hair salon next door to get more information, and just like that, – I had a wonderful conversation with the nicest landlord, who agreed this was meant to be…

The timing was right & the universe delivered a dream location so centrally located it is practically right in front of a tram stop called Rosenborg next to Bogstadveien so everyone passing by can get a glimpse of our dream dresses. We got the largest display window, – with plenty of private space for both dresses and customers. Yet it’s intimate and exclusive and yes it took a lot of effort to get everything done on time. But we did it!!

We are extremely excited to share our new universe with exactly you and hope that you can come to our launch party – on 10.12.22!! Follow our story further, we offer free appointments, gorgeous designer dresses, and lots of good advice for your wedding day! We wish you a warm welcome to the new SADONI 2.0 – bridal shop & brand store!

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Are you a unique bride?

Are you getting married, but don’t feel quite comfortable in a wedding dress or can’t find the ONE that speaks to you? I know finding your wedding dress can feel daunting, believe me! I have been there. Not reconciling with a traditional wedding style is a big part of why I am a bridal designer today!

The first time I put on a wedding dress I started to cry. But it was not happy tears, despite everyone assuring me that I looked beautiful… – It was tears of despair because the experience made me feel powerless, drowned, and misunderstood. The dress I put on took away everything that I am and it made me sad that I felt so unrecognizable in a dress that everyone seems to love…

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Being an entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs like myself are self-made, – I wasn’t handed a ready business or a fund of resources; I took my idea and the talent and passion that I had – and decided to build something with my bare hands. It takes a divergent mix of confidence, risk, tolerance, self-discipline, determination, and competitiveness to start a business and see it through to success.

There are only three things you need to start a business, a small amount of capital, a strong work ethic, and persistence. Even if it does cost money, the most valuable ingredient you need is a serious dose of self-confidence and a brave, never-say-die attitude. 

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Peggy’s STORY

SADONI bride of September 2019

The loveliest REAL bride 🕊️ Peggy in our flowing silk dress MAGNOLIA, shared a little anecdote from her wedding at the end of the wedding party. “On our way to bed a family member said I would probably be happy to get out of my dress because it would be uncomfortable after the long day.. My answer was: What? Do you mean THIS dress? “laughing” It’s light like a feather! I could wear it forever!

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