Who We Are

Who We Are?

Why did we start designing wedding dresses?

In 2005 when I (Hamid) got down on my knee to ask Trude to marry me just outside our favorite restaurant in Paris, a group of people excitingly shouted: “dis oui, dis oui..”(“say yes, say yes” in French).  Ever since then Trude has been trying to visualize her perfect wedding dress.

We had started SADONI as a couture atelier behind the royal palace in Oslo in 2003 making evening dresses and by 2005 we were fully booked. We planned to get married in three months time and needed a wedding dress. Being busy as we were, we thought buying would be easier than making it ourselves and we started looking for options.

Our disappointment was not only that we could not  get an appointment at the bridal salons, as they were mentioning that we were “late to order”, but also the selection they offered (mostly big princess style dresses) were putting us both off.

After many calls we managed to make an appointment with one bridal salon. I know this is not traditional, but both being designers it was important for us choosing the dress together. Trude tried on only one dress only that day suggested by salon employee.

I remember clearly her coming out from the fitting room; I was shocked! I was thinking: “Goodness! Is this really the dress she has chosen?” For me Trude looked like going to a masquerade. She had a baroque style dress with corset, boning tightened with thick ribbon on the back and draped curtain-type skirt. I mean there is nothing wrong with that, but my future wife was in a great shape and had been modeling since I meet her in high school. This particular dress made her look drowned and bulky. For a moment I was wondering, is this really her dream dress? Then I realized that the tears she had in her eyes were not out of joy, but came out of desperation. She was crying saying: “I cannot wear this dress, I don’t like any of these dresses! This is not me, this does not reflect my lifestyle, values, or personality!” Two days later we designed our first wedding dress. With that being said, Trude did not settle for one dress. We made five different ones before she was happy!

In 14 years together we have designed hundreds of dresses. We have been in this journey ourselves and over the years we have been inspired by the free spirited brides looking for something different, something unique, something reflecting who they are. Getting married, you are more than a bride, you celebrate who you are for each other and who you are as a person. And your dress should symbolize value, quality and identity in every way.

Always cherishing our core values; Nordic simplicity and superior European quality with a trendy twist, the SADONI bridal collection is now available online and in more than 50 retailer stores worldwide.

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