Who We Are

What is the philosophy behind our dresses?

PURE, EFFORTLESS & FEMININE is the key signature of the Norwegian bridal brand SADONI. Dedicated to reflecting the lifestyle and values of women today, the SADONI dresses are designed with luxury, personality, and movement in mind, to tell a story with value, authenticity, and heart!

Designer and co-founder, Trude SADONI creates dresses that have soul, character, and an essence of purity. The brand is renowned for more than a decade for light and flowing dresses that not only look effortlessly beautiful but make you feel amazingly comfortable and free. With a passion for high quality, using the most delicate silk fabrics and original lace SADONI is appreciated for its timeless elegance with a trendy touch. 

Handcrafted by their own atelier in Latvia, the SADONI dresses are entirely made in Europe. Cherishing its Nordic identity through simplicity, and natural silk fabrics, – the brand has a focus on functionality, sustainability, and high quality above all. 

Heaving a burning desire to inspire, grow, and create as a designer, Trude considers the wedding dress not only a white gown but a mirror of your values, lifestyle, and personality. The mission has from the beginning been to encourage brides to create their unique look, to be free and true to who they really are. Getting married, you are more than a bride, – you celebrate who you are for each other and who you are as a person. As women, we are gorgeous, badass, and sophisticated girls and we can have it all so don’t try to please anyone, but yourself is Trude’s philosophy when it comes to the bridal outfit.

Staying true to their authentic Nordic identity Trude continues to re-interpret bridal fashion for modern and free-spirited brides across the world. Today the SADONI dresses can be found in their own brand store in Oslo, on their own online shop, and worldwide thru bridal salons in more than 10 different countries.

Meet our team


CEO / Designer



Iveta Putka

Production Manager



Camilla Homme

Store Manager