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Why to choose high quality vs low quality cheap mass product?


It is an example of self-care and love

Buying high quality items for yourself is an act of self-love. You are worth spending a little extra on yourself and you deserve to have valuable things. Believe me – yourself confidence grows as you wear something precious, instead of a cheap mass product. Whether we like it or not, clothing is also a part of our identity. Your clothes can emphasize social status, as well as a certain level of your personality and style. Some people may think spending money on high quality clothes is frivolous, but I believe it’s an investment in yourself and well-being.

Less Shopping

High quality things last longer. You do not have to worry for fabric getting unstitched after first  use (or even before that) and to rip open, or color to fade or shrink a size or two. High quality brands care that your clothes last longer and you will not have to replace them often, if ever(?).

Less chance wearing the same

If you buy a popular big clothing chain mass product (that are overflowing the market these days), there is an additional fear that someone else might be wearing exactly the same thing or similar and (depending on the event) it adds the extra pressure you don’t need. You shouldn’t feel guilty for buying good quality items, as long as you can afford it. Even if it’s once in a while –  you will see the difference yourself.

It shows you care for “a bigger picture”

It’s worth investing time and finding out about the brand – where it is based, who are its employees, what values the brand lives out and what it cares and believes in. And here I don’t mean nice slogans on their website, but customer and employee experiences. How does this company care for people that work for them? Are people loyal to them and what is the additional value to the product itself. Does the company care for the environment? How do they live out their values?

I’m not saying people that create good quality products alway do care for these things, but often times their products truly are more expensive, as the company treat their employees in a human-like manner – normal work hours, fair income, care and good working conditions. We in SADONI provide jobs to local people here in Northern Europe and try to limit unnecessary shipments that pollute the planet. We use the best quality fabrics from the locations as close as possible to our base atelier – the wonderland of our handmade products.

It’s More Sustainable

Choosing quality over quantity is one of the easiest ways to live more sustainably. But buying less and making sure what you buy will last you are choosing to be more sustainable. Even when you decide you no longer want something, high-quality items can be re-sold, re-used or donated to charity.