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5 Ways to Use Your Dress After the Wedding

It might be a week after your wedding, or a year. Maybe even few years have passed and you start to wonder – what should I do with my wedding dress? It has served its main role and given you the most wonderful memories of the wedding day, so it is hard to let it go.. The easiest solution would be to find a place for it in the deep corner of the closet or in a nice box and to not think about it. However, there may be more special and inspiring roles for your dress as time passes! SADONI designers are offering ideas you might find useful.

1. Keep it

As it has a sentimental value and it can be a living history of the family. It is just one of those things that some of us wish our moms would have kept for us to see. Your dress might even be what your daughter or other close relative wants to wear. Vintage gowns are valuable and appreciated by many, and a truly timeless gown lasts decades. If you do decide keeping it for unknown period of time, we suggest you to preserve it in the right way so it would not change color or dust up.

2. Upgrade it

Upgrade to give it a second life. For example, shorten the length or alter the sleeves or add a colored belt to wear it again! Alter it and surprise your husband wearing it 5, 10, 20 or (even 50!) years later on your anniversary dinner. You might be surprised how many alteration options a good seamstress may offer!

3. Dye it

Dye your dress. You may even not change anything about it, but the color and it will be a completely new outfit for another special occasion. After a while your white dress might lose its appeal and you may wonder if there is any way it can still serve you. Transform your dress into something versatile using fabric dye. However, do not forget to check label to see what dress is made of. If it is a natural fiber, you will succeed. Though, if it is a 100% polyester or another synthetic material, it might not change color the way you wish so stay with light tones. But if you do not have plans to use it again what’s there to loose? SADONI dresses are mainly pure silk and polyester base layers and we have had a good success with coloring before.

4. Donate it

Donate it for a good cause for someone you know in need or a nonprofit organization that impacts people’s lives. There are several NGOs that take wedding dress donations and distribute them to people who are in need. You can find organizations that help to support brides with life-threatening illnesses make their special wedding wishes come true. Another way your donation might be used is to sew gowns for children or another special mission project that makes a difference, touches hearts and create good memories for others. We at SADONI believe that whatever you might do with your dress, you do following your heart.

5. Repurpose it

Repurpose your dress. On your wedding day, the main purpose of your dress was to emphasize your beauty and individuality. You can simply resell it if it is a popular brand, but the value usually drops by more than 50%. How about considering making it into something else?! Use the fabric to make a completely new outfit or implement fabric into your daughter’s, or  a close friends wedding dress. Use the fabric patterns to make a photo album or a gift for someone’s else’s wedding. Make a pillowcase from parts of it or remake your dress into a quilt or a beautiful christening dress. We believe you have other creative ways to acquire. Your wedding gown can live on as something new!