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Peggy’s STORY

SADONI bride of September 2019

The loveliest REAL bride 🕊️ Peggy in our flowing silk dress MAGNOLIA, shared a little anecdote from her wedding at the end of the wedding party. “On our way to bed a family member said I would probably be happy to get out of my dress because it would be uncomfortable after the long day.. My answer was: What? Do you mean THIS dress? “laughing” It’s light like a feather! I could wear it forever!

Peggy found her dress at one of our partner stores, STILECHT Brautcouture in Merzig Germany. Dress MAGNOLIA is a transparent flowing silk dress with embroidered oriental top that has a soft jersey slip in either nude or pink. The dress is also available online and in our Oslo brand store.

We are incredibly proud and honored to be a part of moments like these! It is like a dream and makes being a designer and a bridal brand the most amazing thing in the world. Thank you to all our brides from the deep of our heart and from the cutting table where we do a happy little dance for every single one of you!

Celebrate LOVE..
– Your designer Trude SADONI

BRIDE @kleinespeggy
PHOTO @anika_lauer_fotografie
STORE @stilecht_brautcouture