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What is a sustainable bridal brand?

Sustainability in bridal fashion is a pretty complicated and fascinating subject! There are lots of factors to consider, including what the garment is made of, its carbon footprint, how much the garment factory worker was paid to produce it, and where it’s going to end up after you’ve finished wearing it! 

The good news is that wedding dresses pose a unique opportunity to make sustainable, eco-friendly, and ethical choices, and look fabulous while doing it! It’s safe to say that sustainability is about limiting the social and environmental impact of your clothing. This means that many, many kinds of wedding dresses can be described as sustainable wedding dresses. Here are a few examples;

  • Custom-made, bespoke, or made-to-measure wedding dresses
  • Wedding dresses made from organic, natural, fair trade, vintage, or recycled fabrics
  • Wedding dresses that are made ethically, meaning by someone earning a living wage.
  • Locally-made wedding dresses
  • Low-waste or zero-waste wedding dresses
  • Rented or borrowed wedding dresses
  • Second-hand wedding dresses 
  • Wedding dresses made by brands with eco-friendly initiatives
  • Wedding dresses made by brands with charitable initiatives
  • Wedding dresses that continue to live as a party or everyday outfit

At SADONI we aim to design gorgeous wedding dresses and be mindful of sustainability, without compromising our elegance and high-end luxury feel. All our dresses are made-to-order to minimize waste. We cut economically and recycle our fabrics purposefully. Our dresses are partially made from natural silk fabrics and our bridal separates are designed to be worn also after the wedding. But our key purpose is to produce our dresses ethically and locally in our atelier while reducing carbon footprint avoiding shipping long-distance. 

Many people have told me they don’t realize our dresses are sustainably made! Of course, we can always do better, and a plan to extend our sustainability is in motion, but overall I think we’re doing pretty good providing good value for all of our brides, – giving them more than just a dress…

Your designer Trude SADONI