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5 Tips for Creating a Unique Style

There are many ways to create a wedding style that’ll make your look unique. In the end, what matters is to be true to yourself and wear it with confidence. Here are five tips to get you started.

  1. Dress For Your Body Type
  2. Find Your Color Palette
  3. Bring Out Your Personality
  4. Make a Statement with Accessories
  5. Expand Your Shopping Horizon
  6. Wear it with confidence

1. Dress for your body type

The absolute easiest way to look your best is to dress to flatter your particular body type. It doesn’t matter what size you are – it’s all about dressing to compliment your shape. 

If you’re shaped like an hourglass, wear clothes that hug your curves. Avoid loose blouses and dresses; they’ll make you look bigger than you are. Think belts that cinch your waist and tailored blouses. If you’re shaped like a triangle with wide hips, wear clothes that pull the eye up to the most slender part of your body. If you’re shaped like an inverted triangle with wide shoulders, – you want to elongate the torso by wearing drop-waist dresses. If you’re shaped more like a rectangle, you want to create curves with draping, and bias cuts to create the illusion of an enhanced waistline.

2. Find your color palette

You may think bridal is all about white, but think again, there are lots of blush, nude, beige, and ivory tones. Usually optical white is not usually flattering for pale skin up here in the north, but again that all depends on what suits your skin tone so explore you might be surprised. Ivory surely is a safe choice, but I love blush undertones more than anything and that is what I would go for today that brides are less traditional than ever!! 

3. Bring out your personality

Your clothes should be an extension of your personality. What kind of image do you want to put forth to the world? Are you classic, timeless, and sophisticated maybe simplicity is best?  Are you quirky and artistic, maybe bohemian style suits you well? Flirty and romantic? Then go for feminine styles with lots of lace and details. Trendy and modern? There are many amazing jumpsuits, two-piece outfits, and unique details that give you an edge. You’ll feel more comfortable in clothes that are truly “you.”

4. Make a statement with accessories

You don’t have to rely on just the dress to set your personal style, accessories can completely transform your look. Pick an accessory you love and run with it — rings, bracelets, belts, scarves, shoes, flower crown — something that people see and immediately think of you. Just don’t make it too outrageous so elegant, but bold enough to give your look a unique flair.

5. Expand your shopping horizon

To set yourself apart, skip the most familiar brands and head to the smaller brands. A dress is a statement, a part of your identity, and is about more than a style. It’s tough to establish a unique style if you’re wearing the same clothes if you wear the same dress as all the bride’s last summer.  Try local designers, a vintage dress, or certain values you wish to share. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with simplicity or having seen it before, if you accompany it with great accessories from a unique brand!

6. Wear it with confidence!

It’s not too complicated if you wear it, it’s your style and you can have many, – and there is the challenge! Best of luck and remember to have fun, life is too short to be too serious.

Your designer Trude SADONI