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How to ensure your wedding planning puts a smile on your face!

You’re engaged! It’s the most amazing feeling in the world and the start of visualizing what kind of wedding you want to include important parts of who both of you are can be blissful and fun! But what if you’re bumping up against the fact that you’re not excited about the actual practical wedding planning process, or even hate it?  Please know, that you’re not alone! It’s totally understandable that engaged couples often feel anxious about all the details that must fall into place for a variety of reasons.

Here are some tips to help you through these emotions and put a smile on your face:  

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1 Express yourself

Whether you talk to family, trusted friends, or a professional, it’s important to let your feelings out. Be honest – not only can communication lead to great advice, but it’s a way to vent and let your frustration and fears out rather than keeping them bottled up. Listen to your instincts and follow them. This day really is about what you want and you are totally free to choose any kind of theme or style you wish to include!

2 Delegate responsibilities 

If you like to be in control, this one might be tough for you, but it’s essential to ease the wedding planning. Delegate responsibilities to your partner, wedding party, and a trusted squad of a few trusted friends or family. They love you and would be over the moon to help you plan such an important and exciting day. It’s best to explain exactly what you need, ask, follow up, and then thank them for their generosity. 

3  Focus on the fun 

Write down the things that you’re excited about in regard to your wedding. Whether that’s music, cocktails, a special location, or anything in between. Put those at the top of your to-do list and accomplish them first to get you more in the mood. Focus on your priorities and the things you find enjoyable, then try to delegate the remaining tasks. You can also use a wedding planner for practical parts. I know I would! Just remember – they need to understand your wedding concept to nail it. 

4. Schedule breaks.

Make a plan for what to do and schedule time for wedding planning, so it does not consume your everyday activity too much. It is also a good idea to follow a wedding planning course.

In between making time for alone time doing things completely unrelated to your wedding or focusing on your relationship. Go on a walk, take yourself out to dinner, enjoy your hobby or read something enjoyable. The point is, to make sure you have space in your days for complete wedding breaks. This also goes for your wedding day, schedule breaks to enjoy the moment and breathe!

5. Forget perfection.

Most of us want your wedding day to be perfect. That’s normal! But try not to be attached to a particular outcome. Unexpected moments can create unforgettable moments too. It’s all about how you handle it! Focus on your priorities and don’t sweat the small stuff. Remember – this day is all about celebrating the love you and your partner share. Keep coming back to that in times of stress and anxiety. 

In the end, my personal advice would be to focus on feelings rather than stuff! To keep it intimate, unique, and simple, – and allow the wedding party to have a life on its own!